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About Us

Where Cyber Security meets industry, innovation and talent.

We are an independent community that brings together cyber security companies, industry, academia and government to create an environment where cyber technology and innovation can thrive in Scotland. 

Scotland is a pioneer in the cyber industry, with one of the most advanced cyber security education programmes in the world and an abundance of highly innovative cyber companies. Our cluster provides the capability, community and culture to drive the cyber industry forward. We connect talented cyber security minds with businesses seeking expertise, advice and services.

Our ecosystem of cyber security experts, businesses and academia have created new and innovative products and systems that are enabling and driving industry to reach new frontiers. We choreograph the relationship and community bringing together pioneering cyber companies with investors, industry and government creating wealth in Scotland.

Our Vision

Our vision is for Scotland to be on the national and international Cyber Security stage as a centre for excellence and innovation. We promote Scotland all over the world as a fantastic place to set up and invest in Cyber Security businesses. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a connected cyber community across Scotland, to drive growth and innovation in the cyber security industry in Scotland and to support the growing skills pipeline and the cyber security skills challenges. We also seek to build strong UK and international relationships to support the promotion of the Scottish cyber security community both in Scotland, across the UK and internationally.


  • Provide a common voice for those in the cyber industry.
  • To work with the cyber community to identify and address gaps in the industry.
  • To offer support, expertise and opportunities to the cluster.
  • To give cross sector insight and a route map to market to the cluster.
  • To support and shape the future of the industry. 
  • To drive the creation of a cyber security innovation hub for Scotland.
  • To promote security by design and security first mentality across the tech ecosystem in Scotland.
  • To grow our international relationships and to promote the Scottish cyber security community at every opportunity

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If you are a Cyber Security company with a base in Scotland you can join us today. The best news is that it is currently FREE to join our Cyber Cluster. Simply complete a quick and easy form to join and we’ll be in touch with news about events, opportunities and much more.

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