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Grow your business through our combination of services – events, networking and introductions, lobbying and campaigning about critical issues, market knowledge, member benefits, skills development and building relationships


Our industry has a continual need for highly talented people with a wide range of skills. ScotlandIS has worked tirelessly over a number of years to address the shortages currently being experienced

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e-Placement Scotland

We remain committed to securing the future talent for our industry. 

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Digital Skills Partnership

Connecting industry with colleges and universities to meet the rapidly growing and changing skills needs of the digital economy.

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Understand the digital technologies industry; access to market knowledge and insight can influence business decisions. Our insightful research and resources inform members, government, media and academia.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in the tech sector has long been recognised as a challenge but despite widespread recognition of the issue we are still a long way from resolving it. 

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Policy and Lobbying

We lobby policy makers and government on industry issues and are viewed as a trusted source of information.

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We provide regular updates on Brexit news, associated regulatory and legal issues and what they could mean for Scotland’s digital technologies industry.

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Research Reports

Providing members and policy makers with accurate up to date information, our research and policy capability gathers data on the size and shape of the digital industry, and investigates key markets.

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Scottish Technology Industry Survey

Published annually following an extensive survey of the industry, the infographic-style report serves as a barometer for the health and emerging trends of Scotland’s digital technology industry.

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Growing your business

We want to help you scale your business, in this section you’ll find resources to help make that happen.

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