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Case Study: Trace

Meet Trace

A privacy and data security firm, Trace was founded by CEO Sorcha Lorimer in 2018, after being convinced there must be a better way to make compliance and data governance faster, easier and more integrated.

Based in the Bayes Centre in Edinburgh, the team behind Trace brings together decades of deep experience in Privacy, Tech, Data security, Data Ethics and Digital risk management, to provide clients with expert Privacy and Information Security consultancy, online training, and innovative, user-friendly and visual Data Protection compliance software.

Involvement in the Cyber Cluster

Trace are active and enthusiastic participants of the ScotlandIS Cyber Cluster and the cyber eco-system in Scotland. 

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Trace specialises in governing private, confidential and high risk data in the Medical, Tech, Public and Financial sectors, and supporting data innovation projects with complete toolkits and expert solutions. Trace provides flexible, yet complete, Data Protection compliance, Privacy by Design and Information Security professional services, from provision of an outsourced DPO to point support and training.

Trace’s SaaS platform powers an evergreen data audit, information governance, proactive risk management and on demand compliance toolkit. It’s a secure, highly available and reliable app which leverages Microsoft’s best-in-class infrastructure and is available as a managed service – blending the best of tech tools and human support for a complete compliance solution.


“As an organisation with a complex global structure, data protection compliance seemed like a daunting topic to tackle, but Trace was able to break the issues down in simple bite sized chunks, so that even the most reluctant staff engage. The platform is so effective, yet simple to use.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Richard Hart, WWF International

“We’ve been delighted to work with Trace Data who enabled us to put Privacy by Design principles into practice quickly and effectively. This has enabled us to accelerate progress against our mission.”

Kevin Collins, Interim CEO, Smart Data Foundry

“We wanted to make data compliance something that everyone in the organisation could contribute to, and own, on an ongoing basis. Our sprint has given us the confidence of knowing all our documentation is all up to date and readily accessible in one place, and that we are well set up with a roadmap for continued compliance against the highest standards. Overarchingly, we wanted to make compliance a competitive advantage and it’s great to work with the commercially-minded team at Trace to make that happen.”

Hugo Chamberlain, COO, smartKYC


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