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Case Study: OSP Cyber Academy

Meet OSP Cyber Academy

OSP Cyber Academy are a managed service provider of cyber, information security and data protection training. OSP have you and your business interests at the heart of the services they provide. They focus on people, process and technology as they understand the importance these areas are to having a positive cyber and information security culture. OSP strive to Educate, Protect and Enable companies to achieve compliance, increase staff awareness and optimise operational resilience and their consultancy services allow this to happen.

Involvement in the Cyber Cluster

OSP Cyber Academy are active and enthusiastic participants of the ScotlandIS Cyber Cluster and the cyber eco-system in Scotland. OSP have delivered a number of exceptional cyber events for the Northeast community.

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OSP Cyber Academy provides practical education that seeks to enable better decision making to make organisations more agile and resilient, so they can exploit the opportunities through innovation, whilst protecting the business and wider society. OSP training is NCSC Certified to ensure quality management and that all people, trainers and students are working to best practice in the fields of data protection and cyber security.


OSP methodically and accurately identified our data privacy risks and then guided us in addressing them. They had a great instinct for what was practical and realistic and had just the right people skills and professional credibility to achieve change in a very diverse business. OSP have been key to firming up our data privacy so that it now ready for us to take forward.

“OSP deliver excellent training. We were able to work out our requirements together and OSP developed bespoke packages which were delivered in a really positive and engaging way.

“An effective DPO was a key requirement for us. Irene was immediately credible with the ICO and with our operation, and provided the clear authoritative guidance we needed. Thank you for all you have done for us – you really have transformed our situation and got us ready for further improvements – and all of us have much enjoyed working with you as well. So many thanks indeed.”

Nick Channer OBE, Chief of Staff, Wilson James Limited

“We have found OSP Cyber Academy to be a leader in their field and they have made the potentially intricate world of GDPR and Cyber Security. The class room courses they provided were ideal for ourselves and our colleagues to really get into the subject matter with genuine experts.

Their user-friendly online courses are current and very simple to follow and by utilising both frameworks, we can ensure that we are asking the right questions when looking at our internal processes. Everyone we have worked with at OSP have been immensely personable and knowledgeable and we can trust them to give great advice when required.

Mike Charles, Co-Founder and Director, Escone Solutions

“OSP Cyber Academy were recommended to us by our IT Partners who are very dependent on compliance and need to understand GDPR at a granular level. The courses were tailored for the different managerial levels and were detailed, concise and well presented. Our course tutor Irene has also been on hand to support us with real life issues and queries post course.

“GDPR compliance can be complex and potentially expensive if business are proven to be negligent. As a business we feel safe and confident when quizzed by current and potential clients. Our processes are fully compliant allowing us to concentrate on our daily business routines.”

Simon Jackson, MD, Vehicle Quality Solutions LTD

“The average user struggles to understand the difference between OT and IT and their importance. OSP Cyber Academy has worked hard to seek the advice of the very best proven practitioners and partners at CyberPrism to provide some first hand experience of baseline cyber awareness. I recommend this course to all who want to protect themselves and others, in a practical and realistic way.”

Malcolm Warr OBE, Chairman, CNI Scotland

“The GDPR & Data Protection Practitioner Course was honestly one of the most enjoyable and informative courses I have attended during my working career. The way in which the course was delivered met my learning requirements perfectly and the materials were in an easy to read format while being robust and informative.

“During the course there was plenty of opportunities to ask questions and relate the material to real life context specific to my business. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a certified CPO or anyone who just wants to learn more about data protection and expand their professional skills and abilities.”

Phil Thompson, Customer Service Director, Fourth Wall Creative

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