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Case study: Obashi

Meet Obashi

Obashi is a cloud-software company based in Falkirk, specialising in data flow. Their software platform maps and models how people, business processes and technology interact, displaying data flows in a way that everyone can see, and anyone can understand across the entire organisation.

From their experience working in Oil & Gas, Obashi founders Fergus Cloughley and Paul Wallis understood the engineering required to support the flow of oil. Applying this understanding of flow to the digital world led them to create the OBASHI Methodology in 2001.

Involvement in the Cyber Cluster

Obashi is an active and enthusiastic participant of the ScotlandIS Cyber Cluster and the cyber eco-system in Scotland.

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The cloud-based OBASHI Software Platform automates Obashi’s world-leading dataflow methodology and enables the creation of a holistic view of how an organisation’s people, business processes and technology interact.

The OBASHI approach begins with building a comprehensive, data-rich model, before designing and engineering the future state of the organisation with business-critical reports to support strategic decision-making.

The OBASHI Software Platform helps to accelerate an organisations’ digital transformation journey by addressing challenges in Business Process Management, Technology Risk Management, Cyber Security, and Regulatory Compliance; all of which are underpinned by the flow of data.

The platform can create a holistic view of an organisation’s cyber estate, identify business-critical systems and their vulnerabilities, and simulate the impact of a breach which helps to reduce incident response times.

Obashi also plays a role in education, having partnered with the Scottish Qualifications Authority and Forth Valley College to develop a new dataflow units. The SCQF Level 7 unit is now being used in a variety of IT disciplines, including Cyber Security, in colleges across Scotland and an SCQF Level 8 unit has been validated by the SQA.


  • Obashi was invited to join the World Economic Forum as a Global Innovation Partner in 2020, and remains the first and only Scottish company to do so.
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