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ScotlandIS authoritative voice in Scotland’s digital technologies industry is referenced throughout the whole media landscape. Here is an informative selection of news articles from leading publications.

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Tech skills gap warning in global race for IT talent, The Herald, Online

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  • Aberdeen – Regional Review (Graeme Gordon comment), Scottish Business Insider, August , Print
  • Slainte – Skyscanner picture from Digi Tech, Scottish Business Insider, August, Print
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November 2016
  • Tech 100: Polly Purvis – Scotland must raise its sights to become digital world leader, Holyrood (24/11/16)
  • Autumn Statement comment, Tech City News (24/11/16)
  • Autumn Statement comment, Compute Scotland (24/11/16)
  • Autumn Statement comment, Scotland B2B (24/11/16)
  • Autumn Statement comment, Real Business (24/11/16)
  • Autumn Statement comment, Daily Business (23/11/16)
  • Good Morning Scotland – Polly Purvis cyber security interview, BBC Radio Scotland (19/11/16)
  • Event round up – ScotlandIS cyber security event, The Times – FutureScot (print) (14/11/16)
  • Why Scotland’s tech scene is leading the way, UK Startup Jobs (14/11/16)
  • Michelle Rodger column – cyber security + comment from Polly, (print) The National (7/11/16)
  • Michelle Rodger column – cyber security + comment from Polly, The National (7/11/16)
  • ScotlandIS to host digital technology cyber threat event, Tech City News (1/11/16)
  • ScotlandIS to host digital technology cyber threat event, Scottish Business News Network (1/11/16)
  • ScotlandIS to host digital technology cyber threat event, Daily Business (1/11/16)
  • Top cyber experts to give talks on security breaches, (print) The National (1/11/16)
  • Top cyber experts to give talks on security breaches, The National (1/11/16)
  • ScotlandIS to host digital technology cyber threat event, Compute Scotland (1/11/16)

October 2016
  • ‘We are on the crest of another wave of technology’. Future Scot (06/10/16)
  • Co-design will be at the heart of Scottish Government digital strategy. Future Scot  (06/10/16)
  • Interview: Polly Purvis – ScotlandIS. Daily Business  (06/10/16)
  • Russell urges cross-party talks on Brexit options. Daily Business  (06/10/16)
  • Talks explore digital growth. The National (06/10/16) (Print)
  • We need to talk about tech. BQ Live (06/10/16) 
  • Scotland set to tap into virtual reality revolution. The Scotsman (06/10/16) 
  • Digital sector urged to ‘think big and move fast’. The Scotsman  (06/10/16)
  • ScotSoft – 7 Elements Interview. Radio Forth (06/10/16) (Radio)
  • ScotSoft – Troy Hunt Interview. Radio Forth (06/10/16) (Radio) 
  • We are on the crest of another wave of technology. FutureScot (06/10/16)
  • Crooks and kids (not scary spies paid by govt overlords) are behind most breaches. The Register  (07/10/16)
  • Aberdeen Student named top young software engineer. The Scotsman (07/10/2016)
  • Young Software Engineers. Tech City News. (07/10/2016)
  • Scots entrepreneurs ‘must help startups’ The Times (07/10/2016) (Print)
  • North of Scotland students lift coveted IT awards. SBNN   (09/10/2016)
  • North of Scotland students take awards. ComputeScotland (09/10/2016)
  • Young Software Engineer. Glasgow Evening Times (09/10/2016) (Print)
  • Software Prize for Andreea. University of Glasgow  (10/10/2016) 
  • RGU computing graduate named Young Sofware Engineer of the Year 2016.Robert Gordon University (13/10/2016) 
  • Ian McConnell: Employers facing loss of crucial EU talent amid Brexit camp jingoism. Herald Scotland (14/10/2016)
  • Employers facing loss of crucial EU talent amid Brexit camp jingoism. The Herald (14/10/2016) (Print)
September 2016
  • Digital sector calls for action as fears mount over Brexit. The Scotsman (01/092016) (Print)
  • Digital sector calls for action as fears mount over Brexit. The Scotsman (01/092016) 
  • Brexit will harm access to IT staff finds industry survey. The Herald (01/092016)(Print)
  • Information tecnnology companies worried about access to skilled staff after Brexit vote. The Herald (01/092016)
  • Brexit will harm access to IT staff finds industry survey. The Herald (01/092016)(Print)
  • Technology sector calls for government action to limit impact of Brexit. The National (01/092016) 
  • Positive action required to tackle Brexit inertia says digital tech sector. SBNN (01/092016)
  • Fifth of digital firms ‘would quit UK’ over EU vote. Daily Business (01/092016)
  • Scotland’s digital sector calls for action to tackle negative impact of Brexit. Hollyrood (01/092016)
  • Scottish business groups call for action after Brexit. BBC Online  (01/092016)
  • Tech trade body calls for “decisive” Brexit action. Future Scot (01/092016)
  • Polly interviewed on Good Morning Scotland. BBC Radio Scotland (01/092016) (Radio)
  • Scottish digital industry body urges action on negative impact of Brexit. Public Technology (02/09/2016)
  • How technology will transform the banking sector. The Scotsman   (13/09/2016)
  • Cyber risks on agenda at captial conference. The National (26/09/2016)(Print)
  • Cyber risks on agenda at captial conference. The National (26/09/2016)
  • Web security expert flies in for summit. The Courier (26/09/2016) (Print)
  • Cyber security on the agenda for ScotSoft as international expert comes to Edinburgh. SBNN (26/09/2016) 
  • Scotsoft cyber security expert keynote. Compute Scotland (26/09/2016) 
  • Cybersecurity on the agenda for ScotSoft as international expert comes to Edinburgh. Tech City News  (26/09/20

August 2016
  • “Digital Dozen” awarded funding to get young people into tech. Skills Development Scotland (04/08/16)
  • Digital projects that get children into technology awarded £250,000 of funding. Holyrood (05/08/16)
  • 12 digital projects to boost tech skills awarded £250,000. The Scotsman (05/08/16)
  • National funding programme to boost coding skills. FutureScot (05/08/16)
  • Digital inclusion projects win funding. (09/08/16)
  • New Forfar after-school club to find next generation of computing whizz-kids. The Courier (10/08/16)
  • Murray elected to ScotlandIS board. Daily Business (11/08/16)
  • Head Resourcing’s Murray joins ScotlandIS board. Recruiter (12/08/16)
  • Trading Places – the latest appointments in Scotland. The Herald (15/08/16)
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